Friday, July 24, 2009

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Hi, its been a while since I've feautred a themed gift post so here is one of my personal favourites, gifts for tea lovers. Those who know me realise I don't get very far in life without my cup of tea, and can't pass a shop window or store display that consists of anything tea related. You can get wonderful tea gifts in local stores and online, both old and new, so here are my favourite tea things, and the online stores I stalk!

The picture above is a cute little trinket holder my Mum got for me, I love my little teddy teapot! This is just the sort of little thing you can pick up almost anywhere for under $10, often well under that price.

This photo has two of my favourite items, my mini tea service for one, the teapot sits inside the cup and in the background is my favourite tea cosy, bought from britgal designs on etsy ( she has just the best prices of all the online sellers I have seen, and her work is beautiful, speedily delivered, and keeps my tea hot for around an hour!

I have had this miniature tea cup and saucer since I was a preschooler, my Nanna gave it to me, and as she drank her tea I would drink water out of mine, this is one of my most precious possessions, it is well worth considering getting a china tea cup or pot for the little girl in your life, it will become an heirloom no matter how little it costs you, and if you are worried about it breaking, just get a cheap used one, like the teapot below, Mum brought it home for me after her club auction she got it for $2 and I love it!

Don't forget real tea fanatics would love photos, or vintage postcards of anything tea related, I took this photo in one shot earlier this year and it makes a lovely card. I'm sure you could take a photograph that would also frame nicely.
My favourite online tea gift suppliers are and rose and teacups (I have lost the exact address but found them by
googling teapot teacup charms, and yes, they have gorgeous tea charms for bracelets and jewelry)
Don't forget and search for tea, teapots, tea cups, you will have a ball!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Starry!

I love teacups & teapots too! It took a long time to convince my hubby that having more than 1 lonely teapot was to have a collection!! Now I have lots & love every one.

I enjoyed catching up on your posts. Looks like your new camera takes great closeups! That's a problem I have with my little camera - closeups. Oh well maybe someday...

Big hugs, Sherry

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Hi Starry,

You are talking my language now!! Tea pots, tea cups, tea services, tea cosies.....oh yes. Love your post and am dead envious of your cup/teapot combo. I wanted one of these last Christmas but got a CD instead!

Hope all well down under. Best wishes, Carol :)


Oh I so love tea cups and teapots and drinking tea. That is the one thing I love the most when I am in the UK...tea. It does not taste like it does here...and I love it. Thanks for the etsy comment. I do go to Ebay and hunt through them from time to time and do have a ball. I bought a tea cup and saucer from Harrods last round in London.

DELiciousDesignz said...

I love teapots - we are not talking one or two here either...they are multiplying by the dozens around here. Pop over to my blog for T 4 2 Tuesdays where I feature a couple of my collection each week in an effort to get them dusted. :0)

Starry said...

Hi everyone, I am so happy to see you are tea lovers too, for me it is so calming and keeps me feeling really feminine and beautiful.

enjoy your next cup!

and Carol, I will hope you get your own tea pot and cup combo soon!