Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Easy Gift and Trinket Boxes

Having made my mum a necklace for her birthday, I spent today decorating boxes so I could choose one to put her gift in, and a pretty box that is durable serves as a trinket box she can always keep it in.

The boxes above both came as plain pink boxes from Spotlight, the larger one (top of picture) has a printed panel from a tissue box glued on, I love this image of spring blossoms. The corners are embellished with flower gems sent to me by Jace, www.jacemakes.blogspot.com

The smaller box has a fabric flower on it and it sparkles with its very fine thread of gold running through it, and pearlized bead for centre. The petals are individually made then sewn together and glued onto the box.

This box is an upcycled Avon necklace box that I covered in plain lavender wrapping paper, and then glued two glittery flowers on, one white, one very pale pink, these are bought in multi packs in craft stores and sometimes even the $2 Shop.

This is another premade box from Spotlight, I covered the lid with glitter print cardstock, and attached a sparkly fabric flower with pink pearlised beads in centre, I bought this flower at the beading and craft fair this year for 20 cents.


Wee Cute Treasures said...

Great to hear from you on my blog! Lovely lovely trinket boxes Starry!! As you said ages ago, you can never have too many.

How are things down under? One of my nephews is moving from New Zealand to Melbourne tomorrow for 6 months!! Greetings from a very wet and cold Ireland - and this is supposed to be our SUMMER! Best wishes, Carol :)

Jace said...

Very pretty boxes, Starry. Well done! :)