Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank You Jace!

Today I got a bundle of joy in the mail box, my pay it forward parcel from Jace, and I am thrilled, she has been so generous and everything is delightful. Jace has a blog here you can visit it via my blog roll, or and please, please, visit her wonderful store on etsy where she sells the most gorgeous handmade items.

I received two of her handmade origami book corners, as seen above (sorry about the dodgy photo!) these are used as bookmarks and are one of the standard stock items in Jace's store.

I also received this gorgeous bag charm, wonderful, such perfect work, these and mobile phone charms are also in Jace's Etsy store, and can be viewed on her blog. I have never had a bag charm, so the hardest and most fun part was deciding which bag the charm should be attached to, of course it is easy to swap, but I picked my favourite large plum coloured bag.

The bag charm is hand crocheted and beaded with the utmost care and attention, and is just a joy to behold.

I really recommend visiting Jace at her blog and her store, and I hope you will, by the way Jace is also beginning to make ATCs and they are going to go like hot cakes I just know.
Thanks Jace, you have made this a wonderful day, and I will think of you every time I see my beautiful bag charm, and use the book corners. And thanks for the bonus craft supplies, I will show you some of the finished products when they are done, I am burning to create with them already!

1 comment:

Jace said...

My dear, dear Starry

I'm absolutely pleased that you like the items so much. Just makes me so happy that they make YOU happy. :)

Enjoy. And you're most welcome.