Friday, July 17, 2009

Aquamarine Necklace

I made this necklace this morning to sell on Etsy, I wanted to make the most of the opportunity to sell for the northern hemisphere summer, but I really don't mind who buys it!
I had the twisted glass feature bead left after making earrings (why do bead makers sell uneven quantities of beads - oh that's right, to make us buy more packets to balance it out! - well I showed them!). As it is part golden green, and part blue, and sparkles so charmingly, I knew I had to make a completely blue and green and in between necklace!
There are glass, crystal, and jade stone beads in this necklace which has a drop of 25cm (just over 50cm total length).
Such a refreshingly cooling piece to look at and wear during the summer heat, the necklace is available at or click on the my etsy link on the right of this page.



OH wow...that necklace is gorgeous. I know it won't hang around long. You do some of the prettiest things. Your talents are impressive.

Jace said...

This is very pretty! I love the colours. :) Great job, Starry.