Monday, December 13, 2010

Most Beautiful Monday

Okay, so I've been a bit busy, I have let my Journal of the Senses slip... its a book I write in, in appreciation for anything I've noticed using my senses, I find its a great form of gratitude, and regularly writing in it has raised my awareness of the present moment as I live each day. I have still thought about these experiences, but I haven't actually written them down, or shared them as I sometimes used to in my blog. So I thought I'd try and do this each Monday and call it Most Beautiful Monday.

The most beautiful thing I heard today was a horse whinnying quite happily in a distant paddock, this gave me such a surge of joy, which I guess I should explain! We have lived in a semi rural area for such a long time, for years there was paddock after paddock with agisted horses coming and going. Sadly in recent years the big development companies have bought out the small holdings and constructed 'lifestyle' villages. Saint Ives took over the riverfront, and the smaller companies built along the entrance roads to what I must now call our 'suburb'. I heard one whinny in the morning, and one again in the afternoon and it was medicine for the soul.

The most beautiful thing I saw today was the moonflowers that opened overnight, this is the flower at the top of the post, but its a picture I took late last summer. Each flower only opens for one night, and we have them growing a long way along the back fence as the season progresses we can have too many to count all open at once, truly over 100 of them in one night!

I really hope I can stick to doing these posts regularly, practice makes perfect, right?

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Jace said...

Great post, Starry. I think it's wonderful to slow down once in a while and just be silent and be in touch with one's inner self. I always come out feeling very thankful and very blessed whenever I do this. :)