Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spring Racing Fashion - don't forget earrings!

When I watch the spring racing fashion on the fields (as I do anually because it INTERUPTS the horseracing!) I see people name drop dress designers and milliners, but no one ever refers to their earrings!

Some girls aren't even wearing earrings at all!

I don't understand this as you can get a unique handmade pair of earrings for far less than a unique hat.... or the two can be used to perfectly compliment each other.

Here are some of the spring fashion pieces I have created.....

Enchanted Garden Earrings above, a variation on the chandelier earring featuring bejeweled flowers and raspberry and lemonade drop beads.

My Lovelies (lord help me I was stuck for a name!), these feature my hot tip for fashion colours especially racing fashion - champagne! Champagne for everyone! I also really love the top bead which is amethyst and gold foiled glass.

Love Leaves..... these silver leaf charms and glass flowers are great for spring and summer.

But please, don't stop here, pop over to Etsy, not just to my store (though you are always welcome!) go to and look up jewelry, shoes, hats, fascinators, headbands, hair clips and silk scarves..... you will find yourself in paradise!

My fave at the moment is Raintree Atelier (try typing the seller name in the search box) for jewelry I wish I'd made!
see you soon, Starry

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