Friday, October 23, 2009

From My Closet: T shirt Follow Up

Here is my promised tshirt follow up, this time featuring some favourites from my own closet, all affordable fashion gift options (really, truly, I am a real cheap chic girl).... So the shirt above is one I picked up at Kmart for under $10, it is a sleeveless black vest type shirt, and I embellished it with two button flowers. There is good news and more good news: 1st, this is an easy project for you or your kids to make, simply use tailors chalk to draw the outline and then fill it in with buttons. 2nd, I am now taking orders for custom shirts like this and others in my Etsy store, so tell me the type of tshirt, the colour, and the motif you want..... and I will get your gift underway. I recommend hearts, stars, flowers, smiley faces and other icons that are easily identified by the eye. Cost depends on where I source the shirt, and then the amount of time and buttons used, and shipping.

This is a favourite summer shirt though I only bought it at the start of this year in Susanne Grae's new year clearance sale..... I love the cut of the shirt and the embellishment, and the lovely sleeves (pity can't see in this pic!). Definitely worth heading to SG's every season and checking the racks, I never pay more than $20 for any single item, often a good deal less, and fashion clearances are fantastic opportunities to score a lovely gift for someone.

Knit or Go Home shirt, variation on the Jolly Roger, was originally designed by the wardrobe lady for Lorelai (Lauren Graham) in the Gilmore Girls tv show..... now can be purchased from as can many other Gilmore Girl merchandise. I am waiting to wear this to the annual craft fair, but it gets worn a lot and gets a lot of second and even third looks. The shirt comes in a number of different colours, and shirt styles so price varies, and there is shipping, but sometimes its worth a bit more money if you can afford it and want something near and dear to the recipients heart. Definitely as I have said before, a company I would vouch for, they are excellent.

Now this one will be hard to track down as I have had it since 2000 or 2001, it was purchased in a surf shop in Fremantle, it was under $20 and I have included it A) as a favourite and B) as an example of unusual pieces you cand find and snap up if you apply yourself.

And finally, here I go again..... trusty old Kmart for this long sleeve boat neck top shirt, that came out a few years ago when patterns over striped fabrics were the rage..... I am still wearing at times, a favourite never goes out of style in my eyes.

And yes, my clothes do last a long time..... because I probably have too many so they each don't get worn as frequently and take over 10 years to wear out..... I am my own best vintage fashion supplier haha!

Just So You Know..... my friend Jade and I have started another blog called Just So You Know.... where we (hopefully) comedically diss, complain, and critique the things we observe in our daily lives, the title of the blog comes from the way we frequently start our sentences...... ie 'just so you know, yada yada yada'. I am having a problem finding how to load Jade's profile to that blog without altering my profile for these two other blogs I have...... grrrr can anyone help?

and just so you know..... I am going to be here a lot more now, and during this long time away from blogging I have come up with a rough plan for what I'd like to feature on the blog. I was thinking along these lines:

Tuesday: tutorial day (how to, projects, advice etc on various themes)
Thursday: inspirations (find what you are looking for, by finding out what you are looking for, with help by seeing what I have been buying, what I have been making, and what I already own)
Sunday: soul day.... giving.... the larger picture.
I hope this sounds good to you, I really appreciate your understanding and patience with my long absence not just from my blog but yours too, thanks everyone, xxx Starry


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Great t-shirts! Your button idea is great and the light purple one with the beads is gorgeous! You have some great ideas - I love to see what you've created!

Hugs, sherry

Jace said...

Welcome back, Starry! These are gorgeous!

jenny said...

I have enjoyed these holidays and long vacation very nice and happily with my family. We celebrate Christmas at home with cake cutting and dinner at outside. Really remember that day and have photos captured.. have a big shopping of t-shirts too.

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