Monday, October 19, 2009

Christmas Stock 2009

Long time no blog, I know! My 77 year old father fell and broke his hip, and nearly died while in hospital, but here I am managing to get a small Christmas stock together for my Etsy shoppers. I know the last post I did was on tshirts, and I promised to follow up on that and on symbolic giving, I will..... promise!

The tags above are from a set called Ruby Red Christmas Tags, set of ten, navy blue front with cream backing for easy use (to write on) this set is united by use of ruby red foiled paper and ribbon, as well as gems, and features snowflakes, christmas trees, and birds.

Above: sample of a free set of tags.

Every jewelry item purchased from my Etsy store is accompanied by a free set of Christmas gift tags, the tags are automatically added to your order and are selected randomly from my available stock. So just sit back and the tags will come to you!
Below: sample of a free set of tags.

This set (above) is for sale in my Etsy store and is listed as 'Bold & Beautiful Tags'. A set of 8 hanging tags decorated with either pink champagne gems or felt and plywood icons in tree or star designs.

And here is my model gift using a tag from my Ruby Red set.
There are only two sets of cards for sale in my store this year, but every order over $35 comes with a free pair of luxury cards handmade by me.
Lots of new jewelry in store and waiting to be put in store, so keep visiting me here, at Etsy, flickr, and my facebook business page for more opportunities to find that very special item you want for yourself or a loved one.
I will post the follow up tshirt post this week, and visit your blogs soon!


Jace said...

Starry, I hope your dad gets better soon.

Lovely tags, all of them! I'm already in the Christmas mood just by looking at them! :)

Starry said...

thank you Jace it has been a long journey but there is light at end of tunnel!

Wee Cute Treasures said...

I love all your new t-shirt work and I really love all your Christmas cards and tags. Good work.

Hope your Dad is getting better, I know all about the worry and responsibility of parents!! I replied to your friendly comment about lavender in my own blog.

Happy harvesting!! Take care Starry, Carol xox

jenny said...

It seems to be really very great deal. I am waiting for the next new updates in your blogs.

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