Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wedding Gift for My Cousin

Hi, I am still alive and well... just bowled over by how busy I have been, I go to bed each night thinking how happy I am, so I can't complain. I have even found a bit of time to read at night and have a large stack of new books to slowly pick my way through. I am also happy to say I no longer need to save for that out of pocket surgical expense!

This week I have taken some time to hand make a pair of earrings for my cousin who has just gotten married, I wanted something classically beautiful and elegant for Elizabeth and of course they had to have a special meaning.

These pearl and ivy leaf earrings are hopefully a perfect match for my cousin's taste in jewelry. Ivy is a traditional wedding gift to promote fidelity, and pearls are for married happiness, wisdom, and women's health.
I do have some jewelry in my stores designed for married happiness and one pair of earrings in my store a little more exotic, named Song of Solomon after the classic love verses in the bible.


Chez said...

Starry I am delighted to find your post. I have been unable to access my Blogger Dashboard; problems signing in so this is a double bonus. Have managed to get into my account and then there is your post containing this beautiful gift for your cousin. Lucky lady to be receiving this gift my friend. But then, I am truly blessed to have been on the receiving end on numerous occasions.
Always thinking of you Chez xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Starry,
A beautiful gift, they really look stunning, I'm sure she will love them.
Still problems over at Bigblog, nothing has changed as usual, as I stated in comments on your last post, I ended up with a blog at WordPress, got sick of waiting for Bigblog to fix the problems.

Jace said...

Beautiful earrings, Starry! I'm sure Elizabeth will be very pleased with them. :)

Starry said...

Hi Chez,

I must catch up on your posts, I have not visited blogger at all for weeks, though I get an idea from your fb links to your blog.

I will keep my cosmic order in for you to get the right home at the right time with the right benefits to bless your life.

I thank my lucky stars we met when we did, you have really enriched my life and that is the greatest gift of all
xxxx Starry

Starry said...

wow, I have been thinking of you and my friends at bigblog, sounds like I might have been slacking off the blogging at the right time if its been that bad. I will go and get your new blog address very soon to visit you.
I definitely miss you, David and Bingells... I hope not everyone has jumped ship!
see you soon.