Monday, March 29, 2010

My Parents' 35th Anniversary

Friday was my parents' 35th wedding Anniversary, and this photo was taken along the Mandurah foreshore after a small family lunch. No matter how many times I roll my eyes or tell them to stop bickering, and think no two people have less business being together than they do, at the end of the day, you can often see them holding hands while they watch television. So I am hoping that there will be a 36th wedding anniversary, and that mum sails through her surgery tomorrow and comes home to us soon.

Mum has a primary carcinoma in the sigmoid colon and is having an entire section of bowel removed, hopefully when this is done, they will discover the carcinoma is contained only in the membrane of the bowel where carcinomas begin, if not she may have to have chemo or radiation.

As a traditional healer, a person who believes in and uses herbalism, food as medicine, and other non harmful forms of medicine it horrifies me to think that mum will simply accept chemotherapy, but if she does I will have to be supportive. It horrifies me now that even after she asked me what she should eat to get strong and healthy before surgery, that she has done very little in the way of following these vital guidelines. She won't even go vegetarian one night a week, not only is she eating red meat daily but she eats sausages! bottled pasta sauce! deep fried fish and chips! all of these are foods that exacerbate her partial bowel obstruction. Not to mention before surgery and chemotherapy a patient should be eating a diet high in plant based proteins.

Energy enters the food chain through photosynthesis in plant leaves using chlorophyl, it makes the most sense to eat the plant with the good energy in it than to eat the cow that ate the plant! And it seems everyone who hears a diet suggesting high protein and low carb thinks immediately 'I will eat eggs and meat', plant based proteins people!!!! And carbohydrates are the only food that supplies the brain with energy, so eat low GI carbs as much as you want! Eat all the colours of the rainbow, leave white stuff alone! Don't eat the food that doesn't look like its original source!

Please consider the source of your fruits and vegetables carefully, eat as many organic as you can. It is mad, but true, that we eat vegetables and fruit because they contain anti-oxidants that protect us by preventing free radicals from oxidising in our body, but the vegetables we buy are doused in the chemicals that cause free radicals to form. The answer is not to panic, but to get smart, shop smart, grow as many natural foods yourself as possible, even if you start with a small mixed pot of herbs. If you do not have access to organic foods, buy a vegetable wash or visit Oprah's website she once featured an excellent do it yourself vegetable wash, that cuts through chemicals on fruit and vegetable skins.

Don't panic, but don't be idle, food is the essential medicine in life, whatever ailment you have can be helped or harmed by certain foods. Learn how to eat for life, I promise you it tastes good, and feels good, and taking care of yourself is the most fulfilling and uplifting thing in the world next to doing the same for your family.

I am not against taking essential pharmaceuticals, I take two medications myself, but I am using food, herbs, aromatherapy and other non harmful disciplines to do everything I can to prevent the terrible illnesses that have run in both sides of my family tree causing early death, so far, so good.

I am also eating to boost my iron levels and eating foods in isolation and in combination to allow for maximum absorption from my diet and from the iron infusion I had and may have to have again.

It is not up to me what happens to my mum, and what course of treatment she decides upon, but I do know that I will be feeding both my parents during this time and that gives me hope at least that they can be fit and strong as possible for whatever comes our way.

I wish you all every blessing of health and happiness, I hope that if you are aware of any ailments or any food habits that need review that you somehow find the inspiration to nourish yourself with good, healthy food.

Take care, and I will try and come back and give an update on mum as soon as possible!


Jace said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your mom and you, Starry. I hope everything goes well for her surgery. Take care.

Starry said...

NEWS SO FAR: mum came through surgery well, without needing to have a stoma, and is on her last IV fluids (we hope).
NEXT: we wait for news about the staging of the cancer which is a pathology case and requires time and study.

thanks Jace for your wishes and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late. ....................................................