Monday, March 1, 2010

News and New Creations

Yes, it has been a long time since I have blogged, I have been thinking about blog and all my blog friends, but it has just seemed I have not had the energy or inspiration to create a post. So much has been happening (also not happening) and finally here I am. I've missed you!

Over this summer my low energy reached crisis point for me and I have ended up sitting in hospital getting an iron infusion, my first but probably not my last. For some reason my iron and ferritin levels are lower than ever before in my life, even when I was waiting for my endometriosis to be diagnosed and I had my period for a year (YES a year! I was one crazy, worried patient back then!). What should be a level of 15 is down to 6. So the plan is to get me feeling a lot stronger so I can get up in the morning and stay up all day (I have needed daily lie downs... bummer, I hate doing nothing, and yet I can't get up from those afternoon rests too easy either). I have to get a lot more iron in my system so I can have surgery later this year, and so that I can look after a family member who has a big challenge ahead of her with her own health.

I have used some of the time where I have needed to sit down and do something quietly to make my first crystal sun catchers... so here are pictures of my first two.

A gorgeous crystal snowflake was teamed up with some gorgeous clear and amethyst beads to make the catcher above.

Now this one is my favourite, but I am yet to see how the lucite flower stands up to sun exposure.... so I don't feel I can sell this one. I love the combination of clear and warm orange or apricot shades.

Now all I need is to get some more crystals in, I have only two remaining, one is part of my business supplies, the other is my own crystal, the most effective and dazzling crystal I have ever had so I can't bear to part with that one!
I hope all is well for you all, I will be visiting some blogs to catch up right now.... and I will post again as soon as I have something good to share
xoxox Starry


Jace said...

Hope you're feeling better, Starry. Big hugs!

These pieces are gorgeous. Love the crystals.

Anonymous said...

上來打聲招呼,祝你一切平安! ........................................

Chez said...

Starry, love your creations and smile when I reflect on our days of 'enthusiastic Bloggers' and here we are... struggling to do a Post.
Sending love and light my friend xo

精采 said...