Monday, November 9, 2009

Symbolic Giving second in series

Bear with me my oldest readers, this is the second in my series of symbolic gift posts and if you were with me at big blog you will find this familiar, but I want to go right through from my first to my last and new symbolic posts too.

I love the concept of symbolic giving, because it is so meaningful, and usually can be achieved simply, and economically (though your budget is up to you) a simple bloom in a box can be perfect, especially when you include a note or message explaining the meaning.

So without further ado, here are the next set of symbolic gifts:

Dragonfly the lovely dragonfly is symbolic of strength, peace, and prosperity, and nearly always is associated with eternal life and the celebration of life as a spiritual journey. The dragonfly has a fascinating life and is associated with both air and water so is a good gift for people born under air or water signs.

Butterflies are also symbolic of life metamorphosis, transformation, and hope. A good remembrance of how death is only our gateway to immortality, a transformation to a new way of living or existing. Butterflies are joyous because they represent resurrection and have such a happy, busy way of life.

Fireflies are linked with inspiration and creativity. A great gift for students, artists, and scientists in need of direction and energy as well as confidence to pursue dreams and ideas.

Ladybirds are love symbols and bring good luck. I have always loved ladybirds but more so since I played Mary in a nativity play and on the night, a ladybird was on the face of the baby Jesus doll, and I was filled with awe and wonder as to how it came to be there - we were deep indoors on a premisis without a garden, where did this little lady journey from? Since then I have had a ladybird charm put on my bracelet. I think ladybirds are perfect for a gift between two female friends.

Bees represent virtue and honesty (as the worker bees lead a sexless life!) and they evoke images of selfless toil and industrious labour. Bees are good for promoting happiness.

Rainbows are symbolic of a bridge between heaven and earth, also of God's mercy towards man (a sign from God after the flood of Noah's time). Rainbows are great for love and acceptance, and for hope. Even a rainbow coloured silk scarf or garment would serve this symbolism.

The sun represents masculine energy and also glory. A sun symbol would be a great gift for a man, and a spectacular gift between father and child in either direction.

The moon is the symbol of the soul (from astrology) and is a feminine symbol. I think the moon is particularly healing for women, so consider it for a health promoting gift for that special someone.

Flowers in general are representative of life and beauty. For special meaning seek both the colour and the flower type symbolism and settle on the perfect gift.

Camellias represent China, especially the southwest where the flowers are revered. As someone with access to a large quantity of perfect camellia blooms (my mother is just the best with this plant!) I would box a single bloom, or present it in a small dish floating in water. A plant would of course last longer but requires work. For my mother's 70th birthday I arranged camellias on her cake. Camellias are linked also with serenity, and modesty.

Amaryllis means success in battle or in overcoming a trial, good for people who are enduring an ordeal, also for students facing exams.

Sunflowers represent affection, admiration, adoration, and are very positive with a warm energy. I think these are perfect for golden haired girls.

Tulips are associated with opportunity and advancement, and of course Holland. I would recommend tulips for women trying to carve out a successful career, or for courage and confidence in any recipient.

The daisy is symbolic of purity, virtue, and innocence. They suggest faith and steadfast virtue. Day's Eye daisy never looks upon the darkness but holds over til the rise of the sun, a perfect example for us to never despair, and to turn from temptation.

Hyacinths mean reincarnation and are good for memorial gardens and for the grieving.

Apple Blossom the first branch of apple blossom should be cut and laid inside the window sill if there has been illness in the household. Apple blossom is pure, and beautiful as well as refreshing.

The Willow tree is associated with healing, visions, and dreams, and is the natural origin of aspirin (salicylic acid). I would give willow to those who need to stop mourning and begin living again.

Pomegranates are a symbol of abundance, fertility, and marriage. They possess a very strong feminine energy.

Bamboo in Chinese culture denotes perfect virtue, especially in men. I would plant bamboo or keep a 'lucky bamboo' plant if I were getting married.

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Starry said...

I'm ever so sorry for some reason my page has turned VERY SMALL, i aprreciate this is difficult to read, and I will do what I can to return to normal!


I loved this. I love symbolic giving concepts and would love to post this on my blog if it is ok with you. I will post a link back to you...this was so very profound. I have not been here much lately...due to the death of my father...and today was good for me. Thanks!

Starry said...

Yes of course you can use this post StillMagnolia, I am very glad you found some comfort and enjoyment in it. I know many people who have lost their loved ones who surround themselves with these symbols also Iris, Almond Blossom and Bay Leaves.
I am sorry your father has passed away, I very nearly lost mine a few weeks ago, I will remember how fortunate I am, and hope that each day sooths you in some way.

xxx starry

Terra said...

I love the symbolism that you share here, in particular because I am fond of dragonflies and butterflies.

jenny said...
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jenny said...

I am really got attracted through the tittle itself. My whole December is passing in waiting for new year eve.. Lovely thought..

dsi r4