Thursday, November 19, 2009

Starry's Angels.... easy project

hello, please meet my new crew, Starry's Angels, my first christmas decorating project for this year. I am always looking for very easy to make decorations as I believe young families on a budget should make their own personal decorations and gifts, and build their own personal traditions.

So my Starry Angels are made of three different types of patterned paper, at $1.40 per sheet (and each sheet has left overs, saved for other ideas), cut into stars using a stencil. I made 2 large and 4 small-medium sized stars.

The angels are from a set of six stickers bought for $2.50 at Cost Plus, they have lovely wings which change colour as you move them in the light. They had very poor sticky patches on the back (too small, and some of them detach as you remove the sticker of the sheet), so I applied my own double sided tape. You might also use fabric glue or stainless adhesive if you have any on hand.

Finally, my angels hang from shiny pink ribbon, which can be inserted between the decoration and its backing (I did make some backing stars for two of my decorations which were made of single sided patterned paper, the rest had printed designs on the other side). If you are not making a backing piece, you can glue the ribbon ends on and then cover with a sticker or button to make your decorations look a bit smarter.
If you can't find the same stickers as me, go out and look for something that appeals to you, the sticker is the centre piece, find this first, then find papers that will coordinate.
Oh by the way I didn't mention the cost of ribbon as mine is reclaimed remnants from other projects, but if you need to you can get a reel for under $2.
Don't forget these can make decorations for your home, and also gift sets for grandparents etc in a nice box or baggy.


Jace said...

Great idea, Starry. :)

jenny said...

Really very amazing post the style you show and must be good at nature too.. I have arranged a Christmas party at home this 25th December. Lets see, I am planing for a cake cutting program too..

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