Friday, May 29, 2009

Champagne Anyone?

I made these champagne drop earrings yesterday, they are lovely and lightweight, and sparkle in the different lights. What do you think feminine? glamourous? They are a little more refined then my usual over the top colour combinations but never fear, I will still be playing with colour and making my fun, fresh designs.
These earrings like many of my others can be viewed and dare I suggest purchased, on Etsy in my store or follow the link on the right of this page.
I will be back here soon with some easy heartfelt gift ideas you can make yourself, until then, have a great weekend, xxx Starry



Those earrings are gorgeous. Thanks for showing them to us...and encouraging us to go to Etsy.

Jace said...

These are lovely, Starry. :) Refined and classy.

Starry said...

Thanks Stillmagnolia and Jace, I hope you are both having a great weekend, xxx