Sunday, March 8, 2015

a very special vintage postage stamp pendant - more epic love!

I've been writing about how my vintage postage stamp pendants are part of an epic love, and this weekend I was able to experience that on an even deeper personal level than I usually do.

When I snatched up this White Tailed Kingfisher postage stamp from my treasure box, it was still attached to a small portion of its original envelope paper. I noticed the postmark was from Kadina, and we know only one person who lives there - a very beloved cousin of my Mum's who is a real kindred spirit to me.

Then I noticed the postmark date, 6th January 1981 - two days before my Aunty Jean's birthday (who tragically passed away in 2011 four years ago under traumatic circumstances) this stamp clearly carried a birthday card between two of my favourite people, and I'm not parting with it for all the world, its going straight around my neck.

I did not notice the postmark when I carried the stamp all the way home from Adelaide to Mandurah after Aunty passed away, closing up her house was just so sad for us, but I am glad I noticed this stamp's details before they were lost. Most of my stamps have already been removed from paper - most of them have been removed from their envelopes for 50 years, so this is just so special to me.

As I said, its going straight around my neck, so I have my two girls with me always.

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