Monday, July 5, 2010

Prouds Jewellers? A Little Less High and Mighty if You Please!

One of the only pieces of jewellery I regularly wear not made by myself is my add-a-charm bracelet purchased from Prouds Jewellers Australia, it is also the only piece of jewellery that falls apart at least once a year. Originally purchased in october 2008 it has fallen apart 3 times already. The first time it needed a jump ring, the second time the clasp needed to be repaired or replaced, and today again it was a jump ring.

Obviously I can repair this jewellery myself, but on principle I have not in the past, I think the onus is on them to take care of their customers and make amends for the poor quality of their products.

Today when I popped in the shop I was completely astounded when they told me it would be $3 for a new jump ring! Ridiculous! I have never paid before and certainly won't now.

From their conversation with me they know darn well how easily this jewellery falls apart, they admit the jump rings are not strong, and can even break in winter when people wear wool and the bracelet snags.... one girl who works there told me she gets all her jump rings soldered to prevent falling apart.

Excuse me? Shouldn't you sell the jewellery with soldered jump rings so that it doesn't fall apart?
I paid enough for my bracelet and did the right thing buying it from them and not the $2 stand at the beading and craft fair! I expect for the price I paid that the jewellery is sold in good faith knowing it is adequate for the intended use which is daily wear.

The intentional sale of weak and breakable jewellery is not satisfactory.

I was lucky none of my charms ended up in the toilet bowl!

I am absolutely seething, I have contacted the HQ already (snail mail.... they really don't like sharing their contact email!). Whether or not they assist me I certainly won't be caving in and paying $3 for puny jump ring, I will fix it myself on principle!

In the meantime I have found a great website, called not good enough
this is a great place to vent your dissatisfaction and learn from others who have had dealings with the same comany of government department you have had trouble with. I see their are other Prouds complainees, and many many Telstra (Australian phone company... we all know how that goes!)

By the way for my fellow aussies, I recently signed up for the class action against the banks, it was very easy and did not take long, and if you don't know how many times you have had the excessive fees imposed it does not matter, sign up now, and they do the research later, or you can get bank statements re-issued.

I need to take a lunch break from venting now! I don't want this to become a complaints blog but I had to get it out of my system.


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Starry said...

I have just received a phone call from my local Prouds store, the regional manager had contacted them and instructed them to FIX MY BRACELET.
I have to say thanks to my highschool english teacher for instructing me how to write business letters and letters of complaint.
And thankfully God has given me the ability to write and express myself and for helping hone my letter of complaint to a fine art.

and finally my letter must have arrived on someone with a decent sense of business savy who was willing to do more than toss my letter in the shredder.