Monday, June 21, 2010

My Cat Does Downward Dog Every Day, Why Don't I?

Hi, just returning after a time of illness.... nothing serious, but I'm relieved to feel much better. As someone who has gathered a lifetime's worth of health and healing knowledge, I am surprised to see that I have some borderline areas of health. Its not that I don't know better.... but this is all due to caffeine.

I just had a bone density utrasound and I am at the very bottom of the 'medium risk' category (my dot on the graph is actually touching 'high risk') and its not that I don't eat a healthy, high calcium diet.... its that my day is littered with caffeine in the form of tea or coke zero. The thing about caffeine is that it not only destroys the nutrients in your digestive system at the time of consumption, it is also capable of destroying your body stores of some nutrients. I've always known this.... but I love to have my dinner with a glass of coke zero, and let's face it, often my lunch as well.

I also have iron issues.... and iron supplements are not always very effective for me because of the caffeine issue again. That is why I have had iron infusion.

All I have to do is carve out a time in my day that will be sufficiently caffeine free, and for all practical purposes it needs to be my meal time so that those nutrients aren't wasted.

So, I've been looking at my cat.

My cat eats his meals with water.

My cat has the reputation of sleeping all day... but he always gets up and moves around, just as we are told to not stay in one position too long at our computers or desks. We should stretch, we should walk a little, we should switch from standing and walking.

There is no chance I'd be low in Vitamin D if I copied my cat's example and spent a bit more time out in the sun.

My cat is 17 years old and though he is a bit stiff in the hind legs, the rest of him remains limber, I should be stretching like he does, I should do yoga or pilates, if he can do the downward dog on a daily basis, so can I!

I have had pets over the years, that if you give them their daily ration in one hit, they will eat it in one hit. But not my Roman, he only eats what he needs, when he needs it. Yes he will come running at the sound of the biscuit bowl rattling, but he does not 'clean his plate', he will leave even the most miniscule amount of food behind if it is excess to what he needs at the time. I will come along and see three, five, even ten tiny biscuits left behind for later.... where many humans would not leave such a dissatisfactory amount for later.

So, I don't know about you, but I'm going to follow my cat's good example from now on.


mandy said...

Sorry to hear you`ve been unwell...Like your good self I am an addict when it comes to caffeine...Especially those damn feel good ice coffee`s and diet cokes, not to mention the daily consumption of the steaminghot and strong black coffee`s over the day..
I think I would be a doctors worst nightmare if I ever did go in for a health check..:).
Do hope you can find a happy medium when it comes to the caffeine...

Chez said...

Starry, it is lovely to see you posting tonight however, I am wondering just how much damage I have done to myself over the years and more so since Jeremy's accident. Did not realise that about caffeine. Hmmmm...
The downward facing dog thing I do understand as the doctors often comment on my agility. Even with the dysfunctional right hand the rest of me works well and I got some very positive feedback from the podiatrist last week.
Here's to stretching and a balanced diet along with a good dose of special friends.
Just like the old days with Mandy here tonight also.
Good luck with the changes my friend xo

Starry said...

Thanks Mandy and Chez, it does feel like old times us being here the same night.

Mandy I really hope you avoid all health catastrophes.

Chez you inspire me so much, all the time that I've known you you have struggled with pain but you have always also talked about yoga and meditation.

take care, both of you xoxoxox Starry

Jace said...

Great post, Starry. Love it. :D

I'm glad you're feeling better. Keep on improving.

I love coffee. I drink 1 to 2 mugs a day. That's the extent of my caffeine intake. Don't know how that affects my osteoarthritis. :(

Cats. :D Love them. Roman sounds like a lovely boy. :) I think his habits bear following too. :)

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