Saturday, August 15, 2009

Symbolic Gifts

Following on from my post about thoughtful giving, I thought I'd revive a popular series of posts from my days on bigblog. Symbolic gifts are a great and often budget friendly way of sharing meaningful giving. As with most gifts it is the presentation that can make or break a gift, so if you want to give something as humble as a single blossom, pop it into a beautiful gift box. Don't forget to share the meaning of the gift so that it can be fully appreciated by the recipient.

Hydrangeas according to folklore, planted by the back door promote happy and obedient children.

Almond Blossom symbolises hope. I would give a single blossom in beautiful gift box, or cut branches of blossom and place in a large vase.

Shamrock is good for representing Ireland and the Irish. I would look for charms, or fabric prints if I could not get a shamrock leaf.

Bay Leaves symbolise love that surpasses death, love beyond the grave, so a good gift for the grieving.

Dianthus the flowers denote affection.

Ivy is linked to marriage and fidelity, if you can't give leaves or the plant itself, I would look for stationery with an ivy motif, or an engraved bangle or ring.

Pink Carnation is for love between friends.

The colour purple is the colour of spirituality, but is also good for gifts that are meant to indulge the recipient, as it is the colour of luxury, so ideal for a satin robe, pillow, or rug.

Blue is a soothing, serene colour that represents trust.

Green is for creation and healing, and is sometimes used to represent wisdom.

Orange and red are energy colours and red is a fortunate colour in Chinese culture.

Opals represent completion, are symbolic of Australia, and are the birth stone for October.

the Mandala or 'endless knot' represents harmony, find it in association with other buddhist items.

Irises and Lilies because of Greek mythology, represent resurrection, and power over death, also transformation.

Jade in oriental culture is referred to as the 'stone of heaven'.

I hope you enjoyed these I have plenty more posts on symbolic gifts to come, each featuring colours, blossoms, animals, stones, and other symbols that may appeal as gift ideas.

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Wee Cute Treasures said...

Hi Starry

Sorry to hear about your dad's fall. The older WE get the more responsibilities we seem to get. I hope he gets better soon - and meantime is a good patient!

Love this post. Great to know what symbolises what. As you say, very useful for gift-giving and perfectly timed coming up to Christmas.

I am back blogging, just not doing so much on Flickr. Love hearing from you, take care down under! Love, Carol x